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Reserving Resources

Within our Faith Academy Google Apps domain, we have a number of objects that are called Google Calendar "resources." Each "resource" has a calendar associated with it that is used to determine the "resource's" availability. These "calendars" are not able to be viewed in your Google Calendar the way other user's calendars and our "shared calendars" are. A "resource's" availability can be determined through the "reservation" process using a Google Calendar Invitation.

To view the availability of computer labs and LRC resources in Manila, you may visit After logging in, you can view a variety of calendars and even add them to your Google Calendar for viewing.

The steps that follow guide one through this "reservation" process. For additional help with this, please contact the Manila Technology Coach or click here to submit a request for assistance.

Login to your Faith Academy Google Apps Account

  1. Open your browser of choice: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, etc.
  2. Navigate to
  3. Enter your username and password
  4. Click Sign-in

Open your Google Calendar


From the top-left set of Apps Links, click on Calendar (#1 above, red rectangle). This will open a new tab or window and display your calendar.

Create a New Event


In the upper left section of your calendar, click the large, red "Create" button (#1 above, blue rectangle) to begin creating a new event.

Fill in the Appropriate Fields


On the "Event Details" screen (pictured above), complete the relevant items as follows:

  • Add an Event Title (#1 above)
  • Set the Event Date and Times (#2 above); PLEASE be specific with times. If you are creating this for a specific class, please refer to your bell schedule and put exact times of the class. This is extremely important so that someone else is not "denied" access to the resource incorrectly. For example, if your class ends at 10:23 but you reserve a resource until 10:30 and then someone else tries to reserve the resource for their next class which starts at 10:28, their request will be declined as their "appears" to be a conflict or overlap with your class. Please be considerate of everyone by being specific with your reservation times.
  • Do NOT indicate "WHERE" at this time.
  • Add an Event Description (#3 above) if desired
  • Set any Event Reminders (#4 above) as desired
  • Set your Availablility and Privacy preferences (#5 above)

Before saving your event, you need to invite the resource...on the right side, click the grey "Rooms, etc." link (#6 above, red rectangle)

Inviting Resources


After clicking the "Rooms, etc." link in the previous step, you will see a list of the available resources. Note, this is NOT all the resouces. Google has simply hidden those that are NOT available to you for the date & time of your event (if there is even a 1 minute overlap with another event, the resource will NOT be available; thus the reason / please above to be specific with your times.)

Scroll through the list of "resources" to locate the desired one and click the blue add link (red rectangle) next to it to "invite" it to your event.



After clicking the add link next to a resource, 2 things happen:

  1. Google Calendar autofills the "WHERE" for you with the name of the resource (#1 above)
  2. Google Calendar autoadds the resource to your list of Guests (#2 above)

Checking for Another Resource


If you don't see the "resource" you desire, you may UNCHECK the box (#1 above) next to Show only available to view all resources. Resources with a red X (#2 above) next to them have a schedule conflict due to your event's date & time.

For example, if I am trying to reserve the "Manila LRC Secondary IT Room," you will notice that it is unavailable.

In order to see if there is another day it might be available, I can continue to "add" it and then "Find a time" that it is free. To do this

  • Click the blue add link next to the resource
  • Click the grey find a time link (#3 above)
  • Continue to the next step

Find a Time


After clickin the "Find a time" link, your screen will change slightly to reveal a day view of your calenar and the resource's "calendar" or availability. As you can see above, the date and time I have selected (12/2 12:51 - 1:37 - indicated by the dotted blue/white rectangle with diagonal scripes) is in conflict with another event using the IT Room (blue calendar).

At this point, I have several options:

  • Pick a different date, using the date field - #1 above
  • Use the "navigation" buttons (#2 above, blue rectangle) to locate another day for which the desired resource is available
  • I may also opt to show a week view of the calendars (#3 above)

Looking at another day...


Having used the "navigation" buttons to advance to the next day, you will notice above that for 12:51pm - 1:37pm the IT Room is available (#1 above) indicated by the fact that no appointments appear in it's "calendar."

Having observed this, I will then use the "date" field (#2 above) to change my EVENT date to 12/3...

Result after changing the date...


After changing the date, noice that the dotted blue/white rectangle (indicating my event) now appears...and is NOT overlapping any other events.

I can now be confident that my reservation will be accepted.

Save the Event and Send the Invitation/Reservation


With all the details entered and a resource "invited," click the large red SAVE button (#1 above) at the top to save your event.

NOTE: If you invited other guests, you may be prompted to "SEND" the invitations. Be sure to click SEND (not shown) to send the Meeting Invitation to the invited guests.



After saving your Event, you will be taken back to your calendar. 2 things to note:

  1. A yellow rectangle will confirm that your event was added to your calendar (#1, blue rectangle above)
  2. You will see your event on your calendar (#2 above)

Confirming your "Reservation"


To confirm that your "reservation" has been Accepted, you can return to the EVENT DETAILS screen (by clicking on our event in your Calendar) and checking the "Guests" section (blue rectangle above).

  • If the invited resources has a checkmark next to it (#1 above), then your reservation was accepted.
  • If your event has a circle with a line through it (not pictured), then it was declined.