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Google Mail Canned Responses

In this lesson, you will learn how to enable and use "Canned Responses" in Google Apps. Canned Responses allow you to create an email, store it, and then use it repeatedly. Additionally, when used with Filters, you can have Google Apps automagically send a Canned Response email to a sender. Quite a useful and powerful timesaving tool when drafting similar emails repeatedly. Steps 2-3 below demonstrate how to Enable Canned Responses. Steps 4-5 demonstrate how to create and save your Canned Response. Finally, steps 6-7 demonstrate how to use/insert your Canned Response.

1. Log into Faith Academy Google Apps

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your Faith Academy Google Apps username and password
  3. Click Sign In

2. Open the Google Apps Labs


After signing to Faith Academy Google Apps, click the settings cog (#1 above) in the upper right corner and select Labs (#2 above)

3. Locate and Enable "Canned Responses"


In the search box at the top (#1 above), type canned. Under available labs, you should see "Canned Responses" show up (blue rectangle above). Select Enable (#2 above) and click Save Changes (#3 above).

4. Compose a New Message that will become your Canned Response


From your Inbox screen, click the big red "Compose" button (not shown). Create your message as you normally would in the message area (blue rectangle above). Note: If you use an automatic signature line, delete this before creating your canned response and do NOT include a signature in your message.

NOTE: Don't worry about a subject line as these are NOT included with Canned Responses.

NOTE: Attachments are not saved with Canned Responses, so don't mess with attaching them at this time.

TIP: To automatically included a document ("attachment") with a canned response, create your document using Google Docs. Share your document with anyone in the world who has the link. Then, within your Canned Response, include a LINK to the shared Google Document.

5. Create / Save your Canned Response


With your Canned Response message composed, click the new Canned Response link (#1 above). Select "New Canned Response" (#2 above). Enter a name for your canned response (#3 above) and click OK (#4 above).

6. Use your Canned Response


From your Inbox screen, click the big red "Compose" button (not shown). Enter the intended recipient's email address and enter a subject for your message.

In the message body section, position your insertion point where you would like to insert your canned response (by default, it will be in the top left). Click on the Canned Response link (#1 above) and under the "INSERT" section (blue rectangle above), select the Canned Response you desire to use (#2 above).

7. Review and Send your Message


In the message body, you should see your Canned Response appear where your insertion point was (blue rectangle above). Make any desired changes to "customize" this message for the intended recipient. Add a signature as desired. Attach any documents as desired.

When the message is complete, click the red SEND button (#1 above).