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Change My Password

This lesson demonstrates how to change your Faith Mail account password. The Faith Academy Information Technology Department does not have a record of your passwords, so we cannot tell you what it is. However, if you should ever lose your password, we can reset it for you.

Sign into your Faith Mail account...

Using the Faith Mail credentials you received, sign into Faith Mail. For instructions on how to do this, please click here.

Open your Account Settings...


After signing into your Faith Mail account...

  1. Click on your email address / account name in the top right corner.
  2. Locate and click on Account. This will open a new window or tab displaying your Accounts settings.

Select Security on the left...


On the Accounts page, click on "Security" on the left side

Click on Change Password


With Security selected (in red on the left), click on Change Password.

Change your password...


On the Change Password page...

  1. Enter your current password (most likely the one provided to you unless you already changed it)
  2. Enter a new password. Note: Passwords must be at least 8 characters and it is best if they contain at least 1 number.
  3. Enter the new password a second time to confirm it.
  4. Click the "Save" button.

Confirm that your password was changed...


After clicking "Save" on the Change Password page (see previous step), the "Accounts" page will be displayed once again.

You may then close the Accounts page by closing the window or browser tab it is in to get back to your Faith Mail "mail" page. You must now use your new password when accessing your Faith Mail account.